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Hans Christean Andersen museum


Date: 2014


Requester: Odense City Museums and the City of Odense


Team: Amílcar Ferreira, Marcelo Fernandes


Site: Odense, Denmark


Program: Museum


Floor Area: 4000m²


+ project description


A story can take multiple forms. “Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale” and this proposition invites people to enjoy it. The Lotze’s Garden becomes an enchanted forest, immersing the passer-by in a rich and unexpected environment.

The windy paths outline dense woods that one needs to walk in to discover their secrets. As the journey continues, at the Northeast part of the park, the Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairy Tales shows itself over scenery composed of a lake and an amphitheatre.


To the West of the building, the cafeteria and the esplanade connect the site to the Tramway, bicycle path and parking exit, while the on the other side is the entrance to the museum.


The form of the Museum grows as naturally as a story. It begins smoothly at the entrance, then curling around the Memorial Hall, reaching its climax and twisting around itself, showing its hidden face. We then find ourselves at the exit with the magical feeling of having learnt something.


The spiralling of the Exhibition Flow around the Memorial Hall creates an inner garden around which the houses can be visited in an environment of dream and fantasy.


The building is perceived at two different scales. When seen from the garden it shows itself as a confident object that twists and turns around itself. On the other side, on the smaller streets of the North-eastern boundaries it assumes the shape of yet another roof, respecting the pre-existing scale and materiality.


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House of Fairytales Hans Christian Andersen Museum
House of Fairytales HAns Christian Andersen Museum
House of Fairytales HAns Christian Andersen Museum
House of Fairytales HAns Christian Andersen Museum