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Land Art Generator


Date: 2014


Requester: Land Art Generator


Team: Amílcar Ferreira


Program: Public art installation that produce clean energy generation


+ project description


Sustainability, green energy and waste-free are topics that currently concern our society and inspire urban art.

The challenge is to construct a work of art capable of producing clean energy to power the European Green Capital 2015, Copenhagen.

In this regard, this project seeks to sensitize the citizens of Copenhagen to a poorly explored source of energy. This source is its own inhabitants. A human being releases big amounts of energy in its daily movements. In each and every step, every gesture, every movement, we produce energy that can be reused to sustain our own needs. Why not take advantage of this energy? Why not envision a future where human energy is exploitable?

The concept is simple. Five giant inflatable playgrounds are built. Each shape derives from a hyperbolic geometry, which gives us formal richness and diversity of spaces. The form itself inspires the curious side of the observer. Prompts us to cross it and discover it. And while exploring it we are also freeing our movements, by climbing, jumping, sliding, etc… The object provides a space that is propitious to eamusement.

The design of cities responds to the needs of a cosmopolitan life based in routines and programmed movements, restricting people from moving freely and limiting spontaneous interactions. This object attracts people that need to break with their urban routines, to relax, to find a space to escape and play with others in groups. It is needless to point out the advantages of group play. Besides the health benefits, the adrenaline produced render our minds more flexible and encourages us to interact and create social bonds.

The project reaches a different level of sustainability, a social sustainability. The art object works as a tie between the city’s inhabitants.

On the other hand, it would be fantastic if all of the energy expended in these objects could be retained and reused to meet the needs of its users.

A single step produces enough energy to power two 60W light bulbs for 1 second.

For how long could you keep this light on just by having fun? This is the question to which this project seeks an answer. In this case, technology is applied in a very simple way. Each playground has only four points of support allowing all the charge applied in its surface to be concentrated and directed to these four spots. In each support a crystal or ceramic cylinder is placed, that will release energy when subjected to mechanical pressure.

At this moment the technology to recover energy produced through mechanical pressure is still poorly used and therefore it still remains difficult to calculate its efficacy accurately. Amounts of energy produced by these elements can be very variable. However, it seems possible to produce sufficient energy so that each structure is illuminated for a few hours overnight.


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