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Eco Stand


Date: 2014


Requester: GreenTrenDesign


Team: Amílcar Ferreira


Program: Eco Exhibition Stand


+ project description


Showrooms, squares, pavilions, both public and private spaces are regularly occupied by exhibitions. The success of an exhibition depends on its overall set up as much as it depends on the composition of the exhibition stand and the presentation of the product itself. The logistics of this sort of spaces can become a real nightmare, both the assembly and disassembly of these structures may result in large piles of waste and, once the exhibition is over, the stands are rarely used again.


Aiming an environmentally friendly, versatile and aesthetically innovative solution, I hereby present the AIRxhibition stand.


The stand is composed by a single and continued pneumatic structure, exclusively built with light, yet extremely strong materials. It can be easily installed, uninstalled, stored, transported and reused . With a longer life cycle, when compared to the usual stands, and using a simple assembling/disassembling system, this structure represents a zero waste of materials and energy.


The complex geometry composing this stand grants it not only a particular image, but also a wide variety of spaces and characteristics, as it can easily be adapted to several functions and configurations.


The “Y” geometry allows its adjustment whether as a line or an hexagon, hence its ability to organize both rectangular and circular spaces. The size is variable and the object may be adapted to several situations. In its simplest version the stand consists of a simple and continuous tubular structure creating different spaces: the indoor space, the outdoor spaces with a reception desk, and large arches with 360° of visibility for advertising purposes. In its second version, a coverage is added, connecting it to the pneumatic structure with a zip. And thus the stand becomes a “pavilion”, giving it a whole different character and the ability to be used outside at different scale rates, from xxxporxxx xxpor xx.


The assembly/disassembly system is also quite simple, as it is only needed to connect the structure to a ventilation pump. There is therefore a cylindrical piece containing a ventilation system at its lower level, and a free space on its top level to store the whole structure when deflated. During the exhibition, this cylindrical piece can be used within the stand as a practical fitment.


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